Friday, September 1, 2017

Kubernetes the Hard Way: Update and Thoughts

Yesterday, Kelsey Hightower updated the Kubernetes the Hard Way tutorial.  With the update, the container runtime was flipped from Docker to CRI-O and there was an additional lab around secrets.

The entire tutorial is much more straight-forward, so a lot of the notes I'd been keeping for future posts are unnecesssary.  Since the tutorial flows from start to finish now, I don't see a reason to continue to post my notes as I go along.  In fact, when I ran through the new version, I didn't hit a single part that was unclear or didn't work as expected.  I'll keep the existing posts up in case someone finds them valuable.

I still highly recommend digging into each step and understanding exactly what's happening, both at the Kubernetes level and the Google Cloud Platform level... I'm a big fan of validating each step via the command line and through the GCP GUI.

Finally, you'll be running a lot of commands on either all 3 control nodes, or all 3 worker nodes.  I highly recommend learning the basics of tmux, especially how to synchronize panes.

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