Sunday, August 20, 2017

Kubernetes the Hard Way: Lab 2 Notes

Previously, we walked through the first Kubernetes the Hard Way lab.  For the second lab, there's a lot fewer moving pieces.  Primarily, it's configuring Certificate Authorities and the certificates necessary for Kubernetes security.

Local System Configuration

The only note here is that, for OSX, I'd recommend using brew to install cfssl rather than manually installing it.
brew install cfssl
That will install both cfssl and cfssljson.

Final Notes

Overall, this lab was straightforward.  I've created a set of scripts to automate the certificate work.  They are available on GitHub.  Again, I wouldn't use them initially, but if you're standing up and tearing down the environment frequently, they may be helpful.  At the end of this lab, your infrastructure should look similar to this:

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